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The costs can sneak up on you when it comes to postage, but there are savvy ways to save if you regularly have to send parcels.

Are you sending a parcel to somebody?

The costs can sneak up on you but there are savvy ways to save when it comes to sending a parcel.

By checking out options like Royal Mail, discount courier sites, and going direct through online retailers, you’ll be able to find offers that suit your budget.

Here are some ways to save money:

Compare options

It’s important to shop around, even when looking to save on postage costs. Check out the rates from discount courier sites, Royal Mail or options direct from the retailer if you’re buying a gift for another person.

Online postage services usually offer lower rates compared to in-person transactions. You can print your labels from the comfort of your home, or take a QR code the your local shop and enjoy the savings.

Regional or local carriers might have competitive rates, especially for shorter distances.

Can you get a discount?

There are often seasonal deals and discounts through different suppliers, including Royal Mail.

Flat rate boxes

Shipping costs can be a bit of a headache for businesses. If you’re shipping heavier items, there are ways of paying a flat-rate regardless of the weight of the package.

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